Preposition Of Time

Hi guys..Today, I would like to post about Preposition of Time. Well, maybe you know itu but I just wanna share it for our review.

PREPOSITION OF TIMEDo you know Preposition of Time? YES, I believe you know.Preposition of time is talk about time. How to use it for your day? Well, this is the concept and some example.

1. IN
For :
the past, the present, the future
the morning, the afternoon, the evening
a month, a year, a century, a season2. ON
For :
a date
a week day
a week day morning (s), afternoon (s), evening (s)3. AT
noon, night, midnight
"Clock Time"
present, the moment, the present time

1. We dont know what will happen in the future.
2. His story is the study or events that occured in the past.
3. Newspaper report events that happen in the present.
4. I am a student at the present time, but I will graduate next month.
5. I usually a walk in the morning before I go to work.
6. Our family always stay home at night.
7. I moved here on september 3, 2001.

My Lovely Laptop

Good Evening everyone..Today, I would like to share you about Descriptive Text.
Well, I want to descript about my laptop.MY LOVELY LAPTOP
I have a laptop, my father bought the laptop for me two years ago. He bought it to me because I got the first winner on Japanese Speech two years ago. Its a elegant laptop with black colour. It has 14 inch screen and the body of this laptop is slim and to carry anywhere. Then have one key recovery, USB 3.0 and accutype keyboard. This is the new product from Lenovo.The performance of this laptop is great. But it have weakness too. This laptop still Procesor Intel Inside. I can play music, watch movies and also play game. I can typing using this laptop. Well, if I have the assignment from my lecturer, it will help me. I can find many rerefences from the internet using my laptop. I really love my laptop, because it always be helpful for me.
So, how about yours? Are you love it? Or you dont? Just comment !!Thank you :-)


Today I would like to share for you about Transition and Connector. I give you some vocabulary that I know, well my lecturer who give me this vocab
Happy Reading


·First  = Pertama ·Also  = Juga ·Always = Selalu ·Besides = Disamping itu (sebuah hal) ·Finally = Akhirnya ·Furthermore  = Ditambah lagi / Lebih lanjut ·Hence = Oleh karena itu ·Last = Terakhir ·Later = Nanti ·Likewise = Demikian juga ·Meanwhile = Sementara itu ·Next = Selanjutnya ·Still = Masih ·Then = Kemudian ·Therefore = Oleh karena itu

 Example : After                I arrive after they left.As                   As I drove home, it began to snow.Before            Before you fish, bait the hook.Once               Once you have baited it, throw it into the water.Since               I have not caught a fish since last year.Until                I will stay here until I catch a fish.When              I will stop fishing

The Donkeys

Hi guys..
Today, I will share a story about two donkeys and in this story there are some meaning what you can understand. Its really good story, well not a story but my lecturer give me a picture, piece of picture .. There are six piece of picture. Then my friends and me sort the picture from the first picture until the last picture and my lecturer told us to write the story from the picture.
This is the image :

Senior High School (Brainstorming)

Hallo guys :)
Today I'm back with a story about my school, well no no.. But a memories of my senior high school.

This is my brainstorming :
Based on the Merriam-Webster, brainstorming is defined as "A group problem-solving technique that involves the spontaneous contribution of ideas from all members of the group".

And today I want to share to you memories of my senior high school..

How to make Banana Cake

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Now I would like to post to this blog about How to Make Banana Cake. Well, my mom and I love making this cake. So, now I wanna share to you how to make it.

Ok, let's begin..